FREE  //  SEPTEMBER 3  //  7:30AM


Have a project you loved that was rejected by the client? Join us in sharing your favorite rejects and talking about the objectivity and subjectivity of design-based work.

FREE  //  SEPTEMBER 17  //  5:30PM


Black, white, and all the gray in between. Join us for a discussion about right and wrong, values-based work, and the potential for design to be a power for good.17

FREE  //  OCTOBER 1  //  7:30AM


When done well, typography has the potential to help us interact with and understand the world around us. When neglected or done poorly, however, it can hurt usability and users. Join us in discussing the important role type plays in the design of almost everything.

FREE  //  OCTOBER 15  //  5:30PM

Design&Clients: The Horror

A spooky, Halloween edition of design & where we share our scariest client horror stories and eat candy corn until we explode.

FREE  //  NOVEMBER 5  //  7:30AM


What makes a brand memorable? Join us to chat about the ins and outs of branding, why it’s more than just a logo, and the impact branding can have on organizations, products, and people.

FREE  //  NOVEMBER 19  //  5:30PM

Design&Favorite Projects

Great work is worth celebrating! Join us in sharing your favorite projects of all time.

FREE  //  DECEMBER 3  //  7:30AM


Who is design for? Join us in talking about the ways design can include and exclude people and actions we can take to work with accessibility as a guide.

FREE  //  DECEMBER 17  //  5:30PM

Design&Tools of the Trade

Whether they help us work better or bring a little joy to our day, we all have our favorite gadgets. Join us in geeking out about our favorite tools of the trade.

For this special holiday edition, bring your favorite tool under $20 for a MFC holiday tool swap!

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