Design& Branding


November 5


07:30 am - 08:30 am

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Made From Concentrate

Let’s chat about the intersection of design & branding!

What makes a brand memorable? Join us to chat about the ins and outs of branding, why it’s more than just a logo, and the impact branding can have on organizations, products, and people.

This event is 5 of 8 in the Made from Concentrate series Design& — A meetup where craft and designers intersect.

MFC is a grassroots community for designers to share ideas, think outside the box, and get your creative juices flowing. Together, through sharing and educating about design and its connection to our lives and communities, we can use design as a power for good.

Interested in connecting with the Fargo-Moorhead design community and helping grow design’s impact in our community? Learn more and join us at

Design& Branding

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